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Dust Masks
Dust Masks
Dust Masks
Dust Masks
Dust Masks
Dust Masks


Dust Masks

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Comes with 1 filter


Reusable air filtration mask. The Tactical mask is designed for the Active person, Construction worker, Wood worker and anyone needing a comfortable mask.

Moisture resistant and breathable. Comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.   


Industrial emissions, Dust allergies, Exhaust,  PM 2.5 Carbon Filters

Suitable for travel, construction and outdoor sports which dust and or pollution exist.

Urban cycling, Mountain biking, Horse riding, Motorcycle riding, Atv and off road motor sports, Skiing, Jogging, Climbing.

To make the mask work well, it must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth. So when breathing, air will pass through the filter.

The mask is made of soft texture materials which allows the mask to fit different facial features and seal around the face well and comfortably.

Duration time for filter depends on the following factors. Breathing rate of the user and pollution level. We recommend to replace the filter once a week if it is used quite often.

If mask is intermittently used for travel, commuting and passive load conditions, filter can last 40 or more wearing hours!

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