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Name: Maddison 

Trade: Automotive Spraypainter

TLC has shown me that women can support one another without jealousy or being nasty which is sometimes hard to come by.  Ive met a lot of like minded women who struggle in the same areas i once did. Together we are creating a different outlook of women in a male dominated industry. Personally for me, TLC & MCC especially, have helped with my  self confidence & anxiety. I had never modelled in my life until Stef asked me to do some shots for the new logo, at the same time as a couple others. Throughout the whole day I felt loved, wanted, supported & most of all, confident in my own skin. Its not just about women in trades, but making friendships along the way & guiding each other to growing  outside our comfort zones. 

Love you Stef, keep it up 

Mads_painter x


Hey Stef

The TLC has done a lot for all of us.

For me, the instant feelings of being involved were that of support and community. The honesty of others sharing their wins and their struggles kept it real and helped when I was going through my own.

Long term, it pushed me out of my comfort zone. Dealing with anxiety for so many years I never thought I would travel interstate for less than a whole day to meet up with women I'd never met. Then to do that twice gives such a sense of confidence. 

The girls are warm and welcoming to all newcomers and always there with advice and experiences. 

I think I speak for us all when i say we appreciate you so much for creating something that was missing for women who can feel like the odd one out at work.

So much love to you.

Cords xxx

-Cordelia Nash-


Hi stef I am a Male so I am not apart of the tradie lady club. But thought I would give a testimonial on what I think about your club and the impact its had on the industry. 

 The tradie club has helped thousands of female tradies have a sense of community,  where women can come together and support each other through there perspective trades. The work stef has done to make sure these ladies feel comfortable and welcomed is amazing.

 - William Seabrook- 


Hey Stef !! 
My name is Isabella 
Trade: Gardener 




I know that is cheesy but TLC is a club that we all just can have a chat learn different things about each other and support each other in our trades !! 


Alexandra Smith
Heavy Equipment Operator

Tradie Lady Club has given me a sense of community. Seeing my fellow tradie ladies work hard daily helps me stay motivated. So grateful for this supportive hardworking group of women.
-Alexandra Smith-


Ive been laying asphalt for the past 15 years. My parents own an asphalt company and ive been on the wacker plate since I was 7. Growing up in the industry was super hard, as i was a "girly girl" with my nails, makeup and hair done, having to wear male clothes and boots, and doing a job that was always harder than my boyfriends🤣🤣 but i also copped alot of harassment from peers and coworkers because i was a "girl in a mens world". Since finding the Tradie Lady club, Ive felt confident enough to upload photos and videos of me working, and have actually received so much respect and praise (and even work from people who have seen me on Insta when you shared my post on IG stories). My parents have just semi retired and my brother and I are now running their business which has proved to be super hard, but i feel with the TLC in my corner, us girls can rule the world. Massive thanks to you girls! I worked the entire way through my pregnancy, and i hope my daughter will look at those photos with pride, knowing her mama did her best, and knowing she can do anything she puts her mind to.
Thanks girl xx 
Warm Regards, - Gemma Forsythe-


I love that Stef created the TLC as a universal way for women to reach out and find each other.

I sort of see us as a mosaic. I always knew there were other lady tradies out there but didn't know how to find them. Now all the pieces have been put together!

In fact, over the last 12 months I've made a friendship of a lifetime with Emily Waras, who I met via TLC and Instagram.

In real life we've only met twice for a few hours at a time, as we live in different states, however, we talk pretty much every single day! She actually flew up to Sydney the other day just to see a show at the Opera House with me!

We have kids the same age and share parenting principles.

 I believe that blue collared women are often more open minded, as they've seen the world from a different way as they've blazed their trails.

It's nice to have met other women who feel the same way 

-Medi Merc-    


Hey TLC !

 Finding TLC a few months ago us made me feel not ashamed of my job. Not ashamed to meet people in a crowd and when they ask “what do you do” shy away from the question, not ashamed to wear my workwear off the worksite at smoko and not ashamed to talk about my work with my dad because he was disappointed I didn’t become a nurse. Thank you for sharing this community for woman to connect and find confidence with each other and most importantly confidence in ourselves / myself. 

 Keep up the amazing work,

-Tegan Williams  xx-


Hi Steff,  

What has tradie lady club done for me? As I ask myself this question so many thoughts come rushing to my head and I don’t know where to start.

At the start of 2019 I was an absolute mess, I found tradie lady club and things changed. I had never met another female trade in four years and was about to give it all up. was just so over having males, over power me and control every move. I moved to Victoria from Queensland and started sub contracting so now it’s my terms and my way I want. Tradie lady club helped me make the big leap to go out on my own and just seeing so many other females killing it in the industry really is support on its own. Being able to talk to someone from the group when you need help or guidance is just an absolute blessing, something I never would have been able to do without finding TLC. It empowers you. It motivates you. It gives you spirit and makes you keep going. This group has been a big help to me personally and I’m sure plenty others out there. So Thankyou for creating it and being such an amazing mentor yourself.   

 Chantayne seadon (pinks painting & decorating) 





Electrician (Male)

TLC for me is awareness and education. Awareness that there are women in trades and education in how to develop our behaviours on site towards females to ensure equality and respect is served.

Witnessing the support and positive influence of the TLC, I feel instilled with the confidence to stand up against anyone mistreating another on or off the work site. 


Jayden Lyons


Hi Stef!

I’m Laura I’ve been a qualified painter for 6 years now and left painting last year to go try something new, and after labouring for 12 months i have just started a joinery (stairmaking) apprenticeship!
The TLC has helped me in seeing that there is so many amazing women out there absolutely killing it in trades, and that gives me confidence and reminds me that I’m not alone after all. I love being able to hop on IG and see all the posts and watch everyones stories and see all the TLC girls smashing it day in and day out!
The facebook group is amazing aswell, knowing that there is support there and seeing women building each other up in the industry and being able to be a part of something that is so positive and making a difference is an incredible feeling.

Keep killing it MCC
Thank you!!

-Laura Wallmeyer-


Hey Stef!
I’m Delaney, a carpentry apprentice in Ontario, I’ve followed your Instagram since I first got into the trades, I love seeing the positivity that can be shared by women facing the same struggles. I often feel pretty alone on a jobsite and it’s truly difficult to ever feel like I belong in an environment where I am so different. The TLC has exposed me to other women in the trades and that is such a powerful inspiration. I love that you are able to put your face out there and redefine what it means to be a carpenter. Carpenters aren’t all big muscular men with giant beards, some are beautiful women who are equally as able to get the job done. Thank you for changing the face of the industry!!!
Lots of love from the great white north ️️

-Delaney Krieger -





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