Hi, I’m Stefanie Apostolidis aka, Melbourne Chippy Chick.

Being a successful female tradesperson myself, I am constantly raising awareness of female careers in construction and trade through Tradie Lady Club (TLC).

Trades are only for men, says who? I would say ladies can do it too. As a proud founder of Tradie Lady Club, I am looking forward to supporting, inspiring, and encouraging existing tradie ladies and women who aspire to join the construction industry.

Tradie Lady Club represents women are in the trade business and support other women who desire to do the same. My goal as the founder of TLC is to create more career opportunities for women that can change their lives. TLC aims at creating a community that’s steadfast in its belief in supporting and empowering women. We would love to see more women taking up trade as their careers.

With your support, we can develop an amazing community where women can celebrate their achievements and knowledge, inspire each other, and encourage more women to be tradies.

 You can support us through our social media channels and by purchasing our merch from our online store.

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I, Stefanie Apostolidis, am your Melbourne Chippy Chick. I am a qualified carpenter, a site manager, and a full-time employee at my father’s building company. Just FYI – I am also currently preparing for my builder’s license examination.

I created my Instagram account in August 2018, intending to meet other like-minded ladies interested in trade and construction. Surprisingly, I gained many followers in a short time. Watching my followers increasing day by day, I realised I wasn’t alone. Knowing there are many people like myself out there, I decided to form a group, which we now call, the Tradie Lady Club (TLC).

My journey from being a carpenter to finding and forming TLC has been inspiring and emotional. It has taught me so much and pushed me out of my comfort zone to fight for things I stand for. I wanted myself and women like me to smash it out and do what we love. Being able to help women get their apprenticeships and succeed in trade careers was life-changing for me. Through TLC, I wanted to give the love and support these women deserved.

Throughout my journey, many people helped me and supported me including, my amazing sponsors like Sydney Tools  and Bowens. Being the face of Bowens, a leading timber & hardware supplying company, I realized that I am gradually succeeding in bridging the gender gap in the construction industry.



 If you are fierce, unyielding, and passionate about establishing your career in construction, then Tradie Lady Club is where you want to be. TLC was established in Nov 2018 it is a private group on Facebook with currently 1,300 members. It’s my pleasure to inform you that we are growing and expanding every single day. You should join this group if you’re a female who has signed up or completed an apprenticeship. 

We include ladies from different backgrounds and beliefs and do not discriminate anyone based on their ethnicity or religion. All are welcome


  • We create equal opportunities for women in trade by raising awareness and offering support.
  • We provide fingertip access to gain support and advice from (1,500~) qualified tradeswomen.
  • We host gatherings and social events for networking.
  • We spread the TRADIE bug amongst women interested in the field by encouraging them to join the construction industry.
  • We focus on showing women that we can do it, and we are doing it.

 Get in touch via the below contact details: 

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